Good Fridays

Good Fridays
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Author's Return

Hello and thanks for returning to the Good Fridays blog! I've been absent for some time and there are several reasons for this, the two most important being that I was again involved in coordinating an annual writers conference. Since 2000 I've helped organize and run the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference, which is held in late February on Maryland's Eastern Shore. This is truly a labor of love for me and the other members of the committee, but it is indeed a "major labor" involving a lot of time and energy. However, it was another huge success, with a record number of attendees and the sixth soldout conference in a row. This was BTO #15 and I'll likely be involved in it to some extent for the rest of my life. It's addictive in a masochistic way, if you know what I mean. The second reason I've been away from the Good Fridays blog is that I've been working very hard on researching and writing my next novel. This one is called Stop the Car and is #4 in the Chesapeake Conference Center series I'm writing. To find out much more about this series, please visit my website at You can read a synopsis, reviews, and the first chapter for each of the first three books. I'm developing a separate blog for the Chesapeake Conference Center Mystery Series and will give the details here soon. Thanks for returning!

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