Good Fridays

Good Fridays
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Emily's first diaries

Emily received her very first diary from her cousin and best friend, Rosemary, for her eleventh birthday, March 30, 1934, which fell on Good Friday. In her nightgown, sitting at her desk that night, Emily had no idea what to write on the first of so many beautiful, crisp white pages. She also had no way of knowing she would continue keeping diaries for seventy-four years. Emily learned early in life she'd get no comfort from her mother, while Emily's father was forced to let his wife control the family. Emily's cousins were her best friends until she began keeping her diaries. On those pages she could confide, lie, rant, and make promises to her nonjudgemental diary. She wrote of heartbreak and happiness, dreams and disappointments. She vented about her mother's unfair treatment and sadly expressed her concern for her father's wounded pride. Each night when she gently closed the diary, she'd pause for a few seconds and smile with anticipation about what the next night's entry might be. Heartbreak or happiness? Dreams or disappointments?

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